We don’t just build PC’s… we craft them.

Handcrafted – Each gaming PC is hand built by our experienced enthusiasts

No stock coolers – we don’t use stock coolers, we believe they just don’t cut it, so we use decent branded air coolers as a minimum as well as Hydro and Custom Loop Watercooling.

Cable tidying as standard – a tidy PC is the sign of a well-built PC. We offer cable tidying as standard – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Branded – the Gorilla seal of approval #GORILLAFIED signifies quality and perfection. We brand all our PCs uniquely to stand out from the crowd.

Warranty – we offer a fully comprehensive ‘No bullsh*t’ 2 year hardware warranty as standard on all our gaming PCs, excluding our LITE range. Many places offer a 2 year warranty but when you look up the small print you find it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Our warranty is simple; if your hardware fails within 2 years we’ll sort it. Warranty extensions and add-ons are available for that extra piece of mind. Our LITE range PCs come with 2 year labour and 1 year parts warranty.

Book a consultation – you can book a time slot convenient to you to speak to on our gaming enthusiasts. No rush, no quibble, no obligation. When you’re investing in a gaming PC you want to be sure you know what you’re getting and what better way than to speak to a enthusiast who can dedicate some time to you.

Signature Edition – we craft some of the best PCs in the market, we add our customisations to give it OUR signature so you’re sure to know it’s a Gorilla Gaming PC. Signature Editions come with additional extras to give that finishing touch to your perfect PC.

Experience store – pop in a get a good feel of items before you buy. There is nothing worse than spending £150 on a gaming keyboard only to find it’s just not quite right. We have many items available for you to demo in-store, if we don’t have the item you want to demo on display we’ll happily open a new one for you to ‘try before you buy’.

Excellent after care and assistance – we’re renowned for our customer service. We can confidently say you’ll not receive a better service both pre-sale and post-sale anywhere in the North East. With over 21 years of experience under our belt we know exactly how to satisfy our customers beyond our obligation.