It takes true dedication, imagination and craftsmanship to create the ultimate custom gaming PC. We offer an extensive range of customisations in our lab making your experience and build more unique. Step in to our world…


We craft all of our custom Gorilla Cables in-house from scratch in our Gorilla Lab, using the ultimate in quality sleeving and components in partnership with MDPC-X all the way from Germany! We searched high and low for the best quality sleeving and after trialling many brands we chose MDPC-X to parallel the level of perfection we aim to achieve in our cables, with ‘No Compromise’.


Water Cooling allows us to achieve incredible performance, allowing your CPU’s and Graphics Card’s to run cooler, even when overclocked or pushed to the limit.

Using only the best brands in water cooling we build, maintain and repair all custom loops in-house.


Add as little or as much vinyl to your build to add your finishing touch. Be it a personalisation or a full wrap we can create anything using high quality vinyl and craftsmanship.


The heavy guns of the Gorilla Lab. The laser cutter is an awesome tool in our arsenal which allows us to fabricate and create outlandish designs and distinctly unique features.

Custom panels can be created to compliment your build or add to an existing build to enhance its appearance and give it a more unique custom look.


To book a consultation to discuss your Black Label build please complete our contact form , we’d be more than happy to discuss this in detail with your and look forward to working on your world class build.

Our ‘Black Label’ builds are one-off and unique builds from start to finish for those who want to stand out from the crowd, be different, be bold and outlandish. When standard doesn’t cut it Black Label steps up and smashes all boundaries. There is nothing we can’t do, you imagine it, we build it.

We’ve created our Black Label builds to accomplish our ambitious endeavor of creating world class gaming PCs for our very special clientele. We make the dream a reality. Nothing is out of bounds and we have no restrictions.

A typical Black Label build will be excessively customised, unique in its own right and world class, without a doubt. With months of meticulous planning for each Black Label build the finished result will be a work of art and each component and customisation made to perfection.

We push boundaries to the limit and beyond, we make it happen. Where as fully customisable builds were once only for the elite modders, our team of craftsmen bring this to you on a plate.


Dream. Experiment. Create.

Our showcase builds demonstrate our ability as enthusiasts and modders. Making full use of our very own Gorilla Lab each showcase build is unique in its own way.

We have a Dream, Experiment with ideas and then we’re let loose to Create a masterpiece.

Each showcase build gave us its own set of challenges, ultimately creating its own unique story. They’re our most exciting projects and we love sharing them as much as we love developing and building them.

Find out more about each of our showcase build below.